2013 – Stop Talking, Start Doing!

Well, the holiday season is over, and the New Year is full swing!  If you decided to make some resolutions this year, the reality of those well-intentioned commitments has begun to set in.  The reality is that it’s so easy to make a resolution, but the challenge is actually keeping it.  With all our good intentions, we find ourselves starting over year after year.

If you’re like me, you’re ready to make 2013 your BEST YEAR YET.  You’re ready to transform intention into POSITIVE ACTION!

Over the next few days, I’m going to share some great resources with you, to help you stay on track with reaching your goals this year.  You won’t reach your goals if you aren’t focusing on them, and 2013 is all about execution.  This year, we turn the corner – we Stop Talking and Start Doing!

Using these resources will help you:

•    Keep yourself on track
•    Find daily motivation to keep moving forward
•    Really see your progress
•    See where you need to adjust

Here is the first resource I recommend, to help you set and keep your goals:  BeeMinder.com

If you struggle with staying motivated to achieve your goals like exercising regularly or keeping your email inbox clear of clutter, BeeMinder will help you track your progress.  This resource uses a unique method to keep you motivated – Charging you when you fall behind in your progress.

BeeMinder allows you to track anything you can count.  So, you set the goal and the amount you think it’s worth to you.  This is the first and only Goal Getting application to hold you accountable by charging you the amount you set.  So basically its FREE as long as you hold up your end of the deal – accomplishing your desired goal!  Check out this quick video for more information:

Track Your Fitness Goals: What makes this so powerful the ability to connect BeeMinder with health and fitness websites that  track your activity, sleep trends, log food, workouts, and more.   Fitbit for example has a scale and pedometer that tracks how many steps you take, stairs your climb, and also measures your BMI (Body Mass Index).   They even use wireless connection via wifi or mobile device data to automatically update your account.  Here are some health and fitness sites that BeeMinder connects with:

•    FitBit (my favorite)
•    Withthings,
•    RunKeeper

BeeMinder For Businesses:  Entrepreneurs can use BeeMinder to be more productive.  Set a goal to write (x) number of blog post per week, or make so many prospecting calls, etc. It also connects with RescueTime to track the time you spend working (or not working) on your computer.

Power Tip: The best use of BeeMinder is to set a goal with a realistic end date.   For example, if you set a goal to workout 3x per week for two weeks, choose to make incremental increases as you reach your initial goal (i.e. increase the time frame to 3 or 4 weeks).  Also, make your financial commitment something that you can afford to lose, but will still bother you if you do.  This is a very powerful concept that is sure to help you reach your resolutions this year.

What resource or technique have you found helpful at keeping your goals/resolutions?  Share your thoughts!

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