Consistent Cashflow Mastermind
An Accountability Group for  Entrepreneurs Who Want to
Grow Their Business & Create The Ultimate Lifestyle


Dear Purpose-Driven Coaches, Consultants, Creatives, Speakers, & Side Hustlers

You deserve to have more income, impact, and intimacy and I'm here to help you get what you want by helping you create a brand new 5-figure leveraged business model fast so you can keep giving your gift.

Who is in Consistent Cashflow Mastermind?
We Are A Group Of Dedicated Entrepreneurs Helping Each Other Create Passive Income

What Will The Consistent Cashflow Mastermind Do For You & Your Business?
You Don't Have To Do It All By Yourself Anymore

1. Coach & Group Support

The last time many of us were coached was when we played organized sports. Coaches have a way of seeing and drawing out the greatness that is always inside of us. In addition to your team’s Head Coach, Greg, you will also be coached by your buddy & your team. Coaches lift you up and never let you down even when you feel down on yourself.

2. 20 Like Minded Friends

There is a difference between your social friends & your successful friends. Social friends take you out to a party. Successful friends takes you out of your comfort zone. We need both, but we specialize in providing you with structure, accountability, and a team of successful friends who will inspire and challenge you to create the life you desire.

1. Coach & Group Support

We are more comfortable disappointing ourselves than we are other people. Rather than viewing that as negative, why not simply get other people involved in our goals? We’ve been taught to rely on self-discipline and pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but there is an easier way. It’s called positive peer pressure and it works.

How Does This Mastermind Group Work?
We Meet Virtually Bi-Weekly For A Year With Online Coaching In Between

What You Get Throughout The Entire Year...

  • 10 Virtual Mastermind & Goal Setting Meetings

  • 10 Mid-Month Group Accountability Hot Seat Calls

  • 48 Weeks Of Direct Coaching From Me

  • 30 Minute 1-On-1 Visioning Call With Me

  • 50 New Friends Committed To Your Success

  • 24 Hour Access To Our Private Training Area

Our Proven 30 Day Success Cycle


You Will Get Coaching On All This
Greg & the community will support you on every aspect of your online business


Facebook Ads




Group Coaching

Information Products




Mastermind Funnel

Course Funnel

Evergreen Funnel


Offer Structure

Selling On Webinars

Selling Online

Selling On Calls

Selling From Stage



Easy Webinar

Deadline Funnel

Thrive Leads



Time Management


Business Planning

Here’s How I’ll Hold You Accountable Between Meetings?
Twice A Week, I Will Check In On You & Your Goals & You Will Get Notified By Email


An online platform to track your goals?

Set monthly goals, track your progress, and get coached online

Get text-based notifications when you get coached or your buddy progresses

Search your teammates by skills to get specific help on your personal goals

Are You Ready To Be The Leader You Know You Can Be & Have More Impact & Income?

Get All Your Questions Answered & Let Us See If You're Someone We Can Truly Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does this offer expire?
Enrollment for The Consistent Cash-flow Mastermind closes when we reach capacity of 50, and reopens when we have new openings.


Q: Is this for beginners just starting out and don’t have clients yet?
This is probably the best investment a beginner can make. You may have the tendency to try to see how far you can get on your own first, but you can save yourself tons of time and money by skipping steps and jumping straight to what works.


Q: Aren’t masterminds usually 4-10 people?
The traditional mastermind is a small group, but Dunbar’s Number says that tight knit communities can hold up to 150. With my technology system, we’ve been able to break that number.


Q: What is the monthly time commitment?
The monthly commitment for the Consistent Cash-flow Group is only about 6 hours per month. We don't require anything additional of you like an online course. We are simply here to hold you accountable and provide coaching to make sure you can achieve your goals quickly.

Here is how those 6 hour per month look:
- 1 hour for the team huddle which is webinar at the beginning of the month where you will be celebrate, have a teaching, and new monthly goal connected to your O.M.G. (One Major Goal)
- 1 hour for the half-time call which is a conference in the middle of the month where you can share your challenge and get coached by Greg and the group
- Greg coaches you in the online application every Thursday, so if you want online coaching, you just have to let him know what you're struggling with by 10am on that days
- Greg may advise you to have quick calls with other Consistent Cash-flow Group members who have overcome the challenge you're currently facing to accelerate your success

That is our 30 Day Success Cycle. Between the things listed above, you will simply be working on your business like you've been doing, but Greg may offer you a shortcut or strategy to achieve what you wanted to achieve faster and easier.


Q: What if I miss a meeting?
All calls will be recorded for you to review. Replays are sent out the morning after the team meetings. However, you will not get the full experience you consistently miss meetings. After 2 absences, I will follow up to discuss fit. In a mastermind group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give.


Q: Can I join on a month-to-month basis?
You can pay monthly, but your commitments are quarterly (for 3 months). The quarters begin on the first day of January, April, July, and October. Once you begin a quarter, you are committed for that entire quarter.

We want to create camaraderie in our group and that can’t happen when people are in and out, in and out. We highly encourage you to consider committing to the entire 12-month process to maximize your results and those of other members.