Top 10 Ways for Establishing Trust and Securing Your Business

Establishing Trust

Unless you have your prospects’ trust, they won’t buy from you.

You must fully understand what that simple sentence means because it’s very essential to the core of your business. You can’t make sales, if you can’t build trust.

How do you begin establishing trust? Here are some tips:

1.    Provide an excellent customer service. Whether it be a new prospect with a pre-sale question or an old client asking for your help, you have to offer a professional, efficient service.

 2.    Start blogging. By doing a blog, it allows you to interact with your customers and prospects. This way, you can also show value to your prospective customers. When they know what type of assistance you offer for free, they will be thrilled to become a paying customer.Tip: You don’t have a blog? Check out and download their free files.

3.    Connect with your prospects on social media sites. Using the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is another way to build trust and establish relationships.  You can have one-on-one interaction with prospects and also give them some tips and valuable information.

 4.    Use the name of your prospect. To help in building rapport, use your prospect’s name to address them. You can get their first name when they subscribe to your newsletter online. And if it’s offline like during your sales talk, ask them so you can use their name.Tip:   Be sure not use overuse someone’s name, it will only make them uncomfortable. During an initial meeting, it’s enough to say it once or twice.

 5.    Prospects follow up.  Most of the people who visit your website or store may never return – that’s why it is important to collect their contact information so you can still follow up with them.In order to do that, offer something of value in exchange for their contact details.Example:  Your website can offer free report. Or if you have a physical store, you can offer them an opportunity to win in a contest. Make sure they know you will follow up with them.

6.    Prove your value now. Don’t promise your value only when someone buys from you. Rather, show your value in your blog, newsletters, great customer service and social media.

7.    Accessibility. This is particularly important to people with business online. You have to offer ways for customers and prospects to get in touch you. Don’t make them feel that you’re hiding from them. If they can easily access you, they will be more at ease and trust you could be there when they need you.

8.    Try getting personal. If there are times when your customer or prospect mentions a special occasion (like upcoming birthdays or wedding), note down this information so you can refer to it again. Then ask the person about the event when you see him (either online, like on Facebook or in person). He’ll be surely impressed that you even remembered – and this will help grow your relationship.

9.    Help your prospects. Here’s the tip: You should try helping your prospects even if you’re not going to get anything out of it.Example: Endorse a product that doesn’t get you a commission (maybe a free product). When the prospects see that you care about his problem, he will trust you more – and he will become a loyal customer.

10.    Professionalism. Lastly, keep up your professional appearance. May it be your grooming, your physical store, your website or marketing materials. Remember that first impression count. And maintaining your professionalism can help in establishing trust.

Now, you just discovered the 10 ways to establish trust and gain more sales for your business.  What other ways have you used to gain trust in your business?

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