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Hey everyone! Greg Russell and Jerry Franklin Pope are back with a new episode of their podcast. This week they covered some really important tech news and updates that you need to know about.

First up, they talked about some great deals on AppSumo. There are a couple last call lifetime deals that are expiring soon that you should check out if you’re interested!

The first is PubCoder – this is a great graphic design tool focused on creating ebooks and publishing them. So if you’re an author or speaker who creates ebooks, this can help you design them and publish them not just on Amazon, but also directly into app stores! And it’s only $69 lifetime access right now.

The other deal is CreaSquare – this is another graphic design tool but focused on social media graphics. It has AI features to help you generate captions and text automatically, and will resize your graphics for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Plus it has a built-in social media scheduler like Buffer. This one is $49 lifetime!

Definitely check out those deals on AppSumo before they expire if you’re interested.

After that, they brought on Howard Globus, their IT and cybersecurity expert. He talked about protecting your computers and data from rain and flooding. His main tips were to make sure you have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so you can safely shut down your computer if the power goes out. And raise your computer up off the floor if flooding is expected. Great advice to keep your equipment safe!

Then Greg and Jerry got into some big tech news stories you need to pay attention to:

First – Apple is removing My Photo Stream tomorrow! This is the service many iPhone/iPad users relied on to share photos across devices. Any photos you have only in My Photo Stream could be lost when it’s discontinued. Greg recommends upgrading to iCloud for photo backup instead. And if you still have the original device the photos were taken on, they’ll remain there. But losing access to that device means losing those shots. So Apple users need to act quick!

Second – There’s a new regulation called 10DLC coming that affects text messaging. If your business uses any system to send out marketing text messages, you need to register it properly before August 31st or your messages may stop working! This affects all carriers and texting platforms. Watch the video Greg will post for full details. But you need to check if your CRM or marketing platform has registered properly already so your texting continues uninterrupted.

Lots of crucial updates in this episode you need to know about! Be sure to tune in every Tuesday at 2pm EST to stay up to date on the latest tech tools, news, and more. You can also join the Technology Tuesday group for even more great tech content.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any other topics you want covered in the comments.

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