S1 – E6 Create Videos Easily With Screencast Recording Tools


You Don’t Need Expensive Software Use These 2 Tools For Free

Vidyard  (vidyard.com)– Chrome Browser extension

  • Record Your Webcam, Desktop or Both
  • Entire Desktop or just a browser tab
  • Embed up to 5 videos
  • Upload and share unlimited videos

Loom  (loom.com)- has the same features Except

  • Free 25-100
  • Unlimited until July 1, 2020
  • Download Your Videos

Tools You Need To Edit And Create Pro Level Screencast Video

Camtasia by TechSmith – $249

  • Screen Recorder and Video Editor
  • Upload video into and edit it on the time line
  • Easier and more simplified that Professional video editing software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro
  • PC and Mac

ScreenFlow by Telestream – $129

  • Mac Only
  • Screen Recorder and Video Editor

[Pro Tip] – How To Get The Most Out Of These Screencast Software

  • There is an audio function in both ScreenFlow and Camtasia – Boost Audio
  • “Volume Leveling” in Camtasia
  • “Smooth Volume Levels” in ScreenFlow

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