Email List Strategies – 7 Surefire Ways To Get More Opt-in Subscribers

Some of you may fail to notice but there’s a gold mine hidden behind your mailing list. It’s safe to say that when you have a bigger list, then there’s also a bigger chance for you to tap into a great fortune.
These 7 email list building strategies are almost as good as cash right in your pocket.

1. Make sure to add a call to action at the bottom of your blog posts.

Add a note for your visitors, that if they like your blogs posts, they’ll surely love your newsletter. Let them know you save some of your secrets, tricks, and niche tips for subscribers.

To gain more subscribers, add a link to your landing page at the end of your blog posts, including a reason for them to click on that link.

Example: Discover 7 easy ways to grow your marketing business for Free – click here!

2. Encourage subscribers to spread the word.

At the bottom of your newsletter, just add a note for your existing subscribers to share your email with their friends and other people they know, who could profit from the information.

Example: “Is there anyone you know who could benefit from these weight loss secrets? Kindly forward this email to them – they’ll be grateful for it!”

3. Append a call to action in your forum signature.

When you visit a busy niche forum, your signature should include an ad and a call to action for your new subscribers.

Example: “Free report reveals marketing techniques the most successful marketers don’t want you to know. Click here to grab your copy now…”

4. Show where your Twitter followers can get a free report.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can also be used to grow your list of subscribers. Get your followers and fans to go to your squeeze page to claim their free report. There are two ways for you to promote page, you can add the link to your profile page and include it in some of your tweets or posts.

5. Include your links in your paid products.

Digital products are often shared with friends by most customers. They sometimes give away or even sell pirated copies of your products. Either way, you can still gain from this if you add the links to your squeeze page in your products.

6. Use videos to drive traffic to your landing page.

Creating videos is one useful way to drive traffic to your newsletter opt-in form. You can upload it to Youtube and you should add a call to action at the end of your video promising your viewers that they can get the next part of the video for free – only if they join your list.

7. Take advantage of Squidoo to get more subscribers.

To drive more visitors to your landing page, create Squidoo pages with niche topics content. Next, point your Squidoo links to your squeeze page.

Use these email list strategies to grow your list.  As your list grows it will become a powerful marketing tool. You’ll be able to make special offers, survey for new topics, and have others share your info virally to extend your reader base. The tough part is just getting started, but these 7 strategies will have you well on your way!

What questions or comments do you have about building an email list?

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