7 Successful Blogging Tips To Becoming A Better Blogger

Have you ever though what it would be like if you created a popular blog for your business?  Just think about how much more authority and influence you would have when prospect your products and services.
Imagine how much faster you could grow your list, and if the  time came  when you were ready to sell the business think how much more valuable your business would be.

You can make this all happen if you follow these seven blogging tips and techniques to make you a better blogger.

1. Find out what your readers want by doing a survey.

If you want to have a better idea of what type of solutions or content your readers want, try adding a poll or a short survey.  This way you can also make your blog interactive.  You can use a service like SurveyMonkey or a wordpress plugin like Gravity Forms. (non-affiliate links)

2. Provide useful info to your readers that they’d be willing to pay for.

Your blog may be free but you can’t just post worthless content.  It has to be of some value to your reader – the sort of solutions that your market is already paying for – but now have access to for FREE on your blog.  With that, you can build trust and create a name for yourself as an expert in your field.

3. The blog should be about controversial topics to encourage discussion.

When there’s a hot talk going around regarding your niche, make time to write a blog about it.  Push a few sensitive buttons.  Then at the bottom of your post, add a call to action to particularly ask your readers for their feedback and comments.  The more you put emotion into your post, the more people are inclined to share their comments.

4. Participate in the blog community discussions.

Your blog is not alone.  You should start checking out other blogs in your niche take part in the community discussions.  Leave a comment on their blogs.  Or you can use a trackback link when you write a response on your blog.

5. Your post should be optimized for the search engines.

You don’t need to optimize all the posts you make.  However, if you optimize at least one post a week, you will then see a steady growth in your traffic.

Tip: There are tools that you can use like LongTailPro and WordTracker (non-affiliate links) to find out what your niche keywords are. Choose keywords that you find with low competition.  Then insert those keywords two or three times for every 100 words of content.

6. Stir your reader’s curiosity with your password-protected posts.

Your visitors know that your blog is filled with tons of good content.  However, your best content is locked up and the posts are password protected (and the passwords are only available to your subscribers).  You can be sure that many of your readers will subscribe due to their curiosity.

7. Use killer headlines for your blog posts.

People will decide if they want to read your blog post based on how interesting your headline is. Try using words such as “discover”, “how to”, “secrets”, and “amazing”.

Making a big, popular blog is not about only doing one thing to make it work.  You have to take a series of smaller steps to achieve this goal.   Using all these seven methods will help you create a better blog and become a remarkable blogger.

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