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3 Must Have AI Tools

AI has been causing quite a stir lately, with controversy around deepfakes and voice cloning. But there are also positive ways AI can be utilized, as discussed in a recent episode of Technology Tuesday.

Hosts Jerry Franklin and Greg Russell dove into the recent AI controversies, mainly around actors and their likeness rights. With advanced AI, it’s possible to create synthetic media that closely mimics a person’s voice and appearance. This raises concerns around consent and proper compensation. Actors are worried studios may continue using their likeness indefinitely without payment. Background actors could also be replaced entirely with AI avatars. While beneficial for studios’ bottom lines, this disempowers creatives.

There are historical parallels when new tech advances faster than regulation and ethics. With thoughtful implementation, AI’s pitfalls can be avoided. The hosts agreed creators’ voices and images should be honored and consented to. Overall, AI should empower, not exploit.

Shifting to concrete business applications, Greg highlighted, which provides affordable virtual Windows and Linux machines. For virtual assistants, Shells enables logging in remotely with a US IP address. It’s a seamless way to delegate computer-based tasks.

Next, Greg brought on IT expert Howard Globus to share summertime computer safety tips. With heat waves peaking, computer equipment can overheat and malfunction. Howard suggests periodically shutting down throughout the day to let devices cool. Close unneeded browser tabs to free up memory and prevent overheating. And always backup data in case of crashes! Simple overheating precautions go a long way in preserving hardware.

Greg then presented, an AI tool optimized for YouTube creators and podcasters. It analyzes videos and generates titles, descriptions, time stamps, and more. The interactive demo simplifies copying a YouTube link and prompting WritePanda to summarize or write content. For podcast transcription, it also extracts audio highlights. Huge time saver! likewise creates short videos from text prompts, with optional voice cloning. Combined with metadata optimization, it’s a potential SEO tactic for driving traffic. Though SEO for websites can be saturated, repurposing content across platforms is an emerging strategy.

Asked how he discovers new AI, Jerry emphasized researching relevant online groups and communities. Joining as a listener, not contributor, allows quietly absorbing insights. Greg agreed fully, inviting listeners to the Technology Tuesday group for questions and networking.

Greg also uses to browse emerging AI tools. It compiles newly released and popular apps across diverse categories. He highlighted Social Magic, which generates intelligent LinkedIn comment responses through a browser extension. For productivity, Simpler organizes tasks and improves time management with AI. The sheer volume, 6000+ and growing, underscores AI’s momentum. Vetting use cases aligned to business goals yields the greatest ROI.

AI’s potential, both positive and negative, cannot be ignored. With thoughtful and ethical implementation, entrepreneurs can steer it as a force for empowerment. Tune in next Tuesday as we continue to explore emerging technologies!

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